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The Impact of Blackjack on the Life of Big Chuck Gorson

Most professional gamblers used to have other professions prior to their decision to concentrate on gambling. Just take a look at some of our professional poker players who used to be lawyers, doctors, engineers, or businessmen. It did not matter to these professional poker players if their previous professions brought them good reputation and income. What they knew was that they love playing poker and the fact that playing professional poker could make them millionaires was enough for them to leave their other professions.

Well, this belief is not only true for professional poker players. There are also quite a number of professional blackjack players who have decided to leave their previous professions in order to build a career in playing blackjack. One of these professional blackjack players is Chuck Gorson. He was a successful businessman who owned several modeling and talent agencies before he got hooked into playing professional blackjack.

Chuck Gorson has been known in the gambling industry as Big Chuck Gorson because of his height of 6 feet and 8 inches. It was in 1989 when he decided to stop being a businessman by selling his modeling and talent agencies. This transpired after he experienced winning a total of US$50,000 in a blackjack tournament that was conducted at the Aladdin Casino, which is now known as the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino that is located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The latest big blackjack event that Chuck Gorson participated in was the Ultimate Blackjack Tour wherein he won over professional blackjack player Henry Tamburin. Such victory allowed Chuck Gorson to be one of the professional blackjack players to be given a seat at the final table. This professional blackjack player also had the opportunity to compete against other blackjack giants, including John Cernuto, Alex Brenes, Michael Postle, Michael Castellana, Dave Stann, and Ken Smith. Unfortunately, he was the very first player at the final table to be eliminated. It did not come as a big disappointment, however, because such event allowed him to make an appearance on national television.

Although Chuck Gorson is a very well-known professional blackjack player, he also is very knowledgeable of other casino games, such as poker, roulette, craps, slots, and others.

Due to the stellar gambling skills of this professional blackjack player, he has been offered to appear on such talk shows as "The Vegas Show," "The Mark and Brian Show," and "The Howard Stern Show." There have been rumors as well that this professional blackjack player will be having his own reality television show.

Aside from such activities, he is also busy writing a book that he will call "From Fish to Whale." He intends to make the book an instructional reading material and at the same time, an autobiography.

Indeed, Chuck Gorson is one heck of a busy man, but everything he does is definitely related to gambling.